Our mission is to increase our clients’ draft sales by designing uniquely shaped, high quality, ceramic tap handles. With attention to market trends, timelines, details and quality we challenge ourselves daily. Our core set of values: quality, diversity, innovation, adaptability and most importantly customer satisfaction are what help guide us in achieving our mission.


-Branding taps for global partners




Chrislan Values


• Client Satisfaction


• Quality, design and appearance of each tap handle


• Scheduled and on time delivery


• Innovation and adaptability


• Community and environment


• Safety




Services to our clients


• Free design assistance with the purchase of any tap handle.


• Custom designs.


• Long term storage for larger orders.


• Excellent timelines.



In House Artist


With any tap handle purchase, Chrislan will provide free art consultation and design assistance. We have been in the industry for over 15 years and our tap handles are very well received in the market. With our design expertise and high quality production techniques we can help increase your draft sales. In fact a recent independent study has suggested that 32% of purchase decisions are made at the bar and with a good looking tap handle you can expect a 10% increase in draft sales in the first 3 months, with a 4% growth of sales over a 12 month period. Chrislan would like to help you reach this target.



Recycle Program


Chrislan has developed a clay recycle program. The goal of our program is to recycle all of our excess ceramic clay and reuse it in the future. We are extremely close to reaching our goal which will not only benefit the environment but also the community. Once we reach our goal, we will have cut our amount of wastage by almost 50%. Chrislan Ceramics is dedicated to finding environmentally friendly ways of producing our products.