It all started in the early 1960's with a small company called Crusader Signs, founded by Chris and Wilma Laninga. Mr. Laninga was a sign writer by trade and very well known in the industry for his skills and artistic ability. Not adverse to change, Mr. Laninga gradually found that his sign writing talents were well suited to a relatively new process in Vancouver at that time, called silk screening. Slowly, with this new process and the additional help of his four sons, his company transformed into a thriving silkscreen shop.


After Mr. Laninga's sudden death in 1979, Mrs. Laninga and her four sons were left to take over the business. In recognition of Chris Laninga, the company name was changed to Chrislan.


A new generation of Laninga’s were now taking over for their father. They were very skilled in the screen-printing process and continued to run the business. Looking for new markets, they soon discovered the potential market for kiln-fired logos on ceramics and glassware. The time was right! Starting a small ceramics and glassware decorating shop in Burnaby, the company began to grow.


Always looking for opportunities, the bothers saw great potential in manufacturing ceramic tap handles. In 1991 Chrislan sold their glassware line and started manufacturing ceramic tap handles. After many challenges, the production process was perfected and tap handles started being produced. Now, after 20 years of production, we are the leading manufacturer of ceramic tap handles in the world.